Black-and-WhiteMichael Christopher MacDonald a.k.a. State of Psychosis was born in 1986 and is from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Michael makes Enigmatic, Soundtrack and Alternative Electronic music. State of Psychosis was formed in 2006 while attending Mckenzie College for Music Technology. Michael started writing songs at around 8 years old. He began his musical journey on the trumpet, then moved to classical guitar and eventually discovered his niche producing soundtrack music.

State of Psychosis is currently working on many new projects including another album and expanding into the song placements market for licensing in movies, video games, etc.  Michael is busy making new music about 20 hours a week, looking for new publishers, labels, expanding his fan base, working on a website,  and even does online moderation to prevent bullying in his free time.  Whether it’s making music or marketing it, Michael keeps himself busy and committed.

Graduating near the top of his class, Michael excelled in Music Theory, Composition, Ear Training, and Sound Engineering. State of Psychosis ranks highly on fiercebark which is a top list that works with Soundcloud. Michael has written hundreds of songs and spent a great deal of time refining his sound.

In the future, this artist plans on experimenting with all kinds of new ideas to expand on the Enigmatic sub-genre. The idea behind the genre is that it can actually go with any other genre and that it’s the mood the song induces that defines it as Enigmatic (mysterious or puzzling).  To expand on it, State of Psychosis is going to delve into even more musical scales, key transitions, variable tempos and more elemental themed sounds for the electronic side of it.

Michael’s current goal with his most recently released album is to market it as a soundtrack album. It is really designed for all sorts of different kinds of scenes. The album is also being released on itunes for the fans, but this artist’s main objective is definitely to work with soundtracks. As to increase the amount of placements he can get, Michael will be releasing this album to non-exclusive music libraries as well as finding a new publishers, labels, and opportunities in general.